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As for the name PANIC ROOM – it’s really appropriate to so many of my performing artists – both VO talent and on-camera actors - even the bigger earners. Of course you well know that we as competitive artists, just as with competitive athletes, must constantly  keep pushing, learning, stretching, expanding. Regardless of what we may’ve achieved thus far, so often we can get beat back by the many challenges. We allow fear to creep in - and let the rejection & isolation lie to us. We can become  reluctant, even at times stalled - and we atrophy.Fear - whether in its subtler, suppressed forms, or in its more evident freakout forms, brings those negative little voices in our heads holding us back - telling us negative things about ourselves and causing us to doubt. So common in the sensitive hearts of artists!The place to deal with this is not in one-off teaching events - but long term, consistent training. I created the PANIC ROOM as the place to bring that fear, fight it, beat it back and leave it. To learn, reinforce, rediscover, stretch, expand and thrive thru consistent, challenging creative work and  play in an environment of warm connection. It’s a family, a gymnasium and a laboratory - where artists can support, and be supported by, their fellow welcoming VO artists.

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